Paisley Products’ comprehensive tape and label offerings make us an industry leading solution provider. We are able to supply every market in the industry with high quality tapes and labels that perform in the harshest environments. Whether interior, exterior, permanent or temporary, Paisley consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers with innovative options and timely execution.

Take a look at the wide range of different tapes and labels that we carry

Acrylic Tape – VHB
Adhesive Transfer Tape
Aisle Marking Tape
All Service Jacketing
All-Weather Tape
Aluminum Foil Tape
Ankle Wrap Tape
Appliance Tape
Asbestos Removal Tape
Athletic Tape
Attachment Tape
Autociaving Tape
Automotive Tape
Bandoliering Tape
Barricade Tape
Biaxially Oriented
Book Binding Tape
Bundling Tape
Butyl Tape
Cable Harness Tapes
Cargo Pit
Carpet Tape
Carton Sealing Tape
Cellophane Tape
Cellulose Tape
Chart Tape
Clay Filled Cloth
Cloth Tape
Colour Coding
Coloured Tapes
Component Carrier
Copper Foil Tape
Cork Tape
Corrugators Splicing
Cotton Linen
Custom Slitting
Dacron® Tape
Damping Tape
Decorative Tape
Detectable Splicing
Differential Adhesive Tape
Double Coated Cloth
Double Coated Differential
Double Coated Film Tape
Double Coated Flame Retardant
Double Coated Foam Tape
Double Coated Paper Tape
Double Coated PVC
Double Coated Rope Fibre
Double Coated Tape
Double Coated Tissue
Drafting Tape
Duct FR
Duct Military
Duct Nuclear
Duct Tape
Edging Tape
Electroplating Tape

Fibergiass Tape
Fibergiass Tape
Fibergiass Tape
Fibre Tape
Filament Tape
Film Tape – Label Protection
Film Tape Acetate
Film Tape Polyester
Film Tape Polyurethane
Film Tape Transparent
Fine Line Tape
Finger Protection
First Aid Tape
Fiuoro Carbon
Flame Retardant Tape
Flame Spray Tape
Flatback Tape
Fluoro Marking
Flying Splice Tape
Foam Tape – Double Coated
Foam Tape – Single Coated
Foil Butyl Rubber
Foil Copper
Foil Elastic
Foil Lead
Foil Plain Aluminum
Foil Scrim Kraft – Reinforced
Freezer Tape
Friction Tape
Fume Tape
Fusion Tape
Gaffer’s Tape
Graphic Arts Tape
Gummed Tape
Hair Set Tape
Harness Wrap
Hazard Marking Tape
Hazard Warning
Heat Resistant Tape
Heat Sealing Tape
Heat Shrink Tape
High Tack Masking
High Temperature Duct Tapes
High Temperature Masking Tapes
Hockey Tapes
Hook N’ Loop
Humidity Resistant
Indicator Tape
Insulating Tape
Kapton® Tape
Kraft Paper Tape
Label Protection Tape
Label Tape
Laminating Tape
Lane Marking
Lint Removal Tape
Lithographic Tape

Locker Tape
Low Residue
Low Tack
Masking Tape
Matte Finish
Medical Tape
Mending Tape
Metailized Duct Tape
Metal Patch
Micro Cellular – D/C
Moisture Resistant
Mounting Square Tape
Mounting Tape
Name Plating
Neoprene – Double Coated
Non Slip
Non-Woven Tape
Note Pads
Nuclear Tapes
Nylon Tape – High Temp
OSHA, Approved Tapes
Packaging Tape
Paper Tape
Photoelectric Scanning Tape
Photographic Masking
Photographic Tape
PIB Tape
Pipe Banding Tape
Pipeline Tape
Plastic Film
Plastic Tape
Plate Mounting Tape
Plating Tape
Polyester Tape
Polyester Tape – PCB
Polyethlene Tape
Polypropylene Tape
Pouch Tape
Preservation Tape
Printable Tape
Produce Tape
Protection Tape – Fume
Protective Tape – Corrosion
Protective Tape – Gold Surface
PTFE – Coloured
PVC Tape
Radial Tape
Reflective Tape
Reinforced Strapping Tape
Release Tape
Repuipable Tape
Reverse Wound Tape
Roller Wrap
Rotary Press
Rug Tape

Safety Tape
Sealant Tape
Self Fusing Tape
Sequencing Tape
Sheeting Tape
Silk Screen Tape
Solvent Resistant Tape
Solventless Masking Tape
Spacer Tape
Splicing Tape – Electrical
Splicing Tape and Detectable
Splicing Tapes
Spool Wound
Sports Medicine Tape
Static Resistant Tape
Sterilization Tape
Strapping Tape
Stretch Tape
Striping Tape
Stripping Tape
Tamper Evident
Tamper Resistant
Tape Primer
Tear Strip Tape
Teflong Tape
Telephone Tape
Tensilized Polypropylene Tape
Textile Tape
Thermosetting Tapes
Thread Seal Tape
Tissue Tape
Toupee Tape
Trainers Tape
Transfer Tape – VHB
Transparent Tape
Transparent Tape – Removable
UHMW Tapes
UHT Tapes
UL – ULC Approved
Uncoated Tapes
Unsupported Adhesive Transfer
UPVC Film Tape
UPVC Produce Tape
Utility Tape
Varnished Tape
Venting Tape
Vibration Damping
Vinyl – Double Coated
Vinyl Cloth Tape
Vinyl Marking Tape
Vinyl Protective Tape
Vinyl Tape
Warning Tape
Waterproof Sealing Tape
Wave Solder Tapes
Wax Tape
Weather Sealing Tape
Web Insulation Tape
Woven Tape