In choosing Paisley Products as the source for your company’s technical consumable materials and dispensing technology needs you are engaging a firm that has devoted and proven itself for over 65 years


Paisley Products’ comprehensive tape and label offerings make us an industry leading solution provider. We are able to supply every market in the industry with high quality tapes and labels that perform in the harshest environments. Whether interior, exterior, permanent or temporary, Paisley consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers with innovative options and timely execution.

Our adhesives, sealants and encapsulants are resistant to moisture and chemicals. They are durable, hydrophobic, and easy to dispense. The products offered by Paisley Products provides an instant, pressure-sensitive bond without the mess or cure time of other liquid and hot melt systems. We deliver adhesive alternatives valued for their durability and flexibility.

Paisley Products supplies lubricants and coatings for use in the most aggressive environments. We offer food-approved lubricants, biodegradable products, silicone greases, synthetic gear oils, rubber and plastic lubricants, anti-squeak coatings, aerosols and anti-seize pastes. Our products are unsurpassed in reducing wear, extending product life and increased production up-time.

At Paisley Products we are dedicated to provide the best options of building materials. Our products are utilized on countertops, tubs, walls, windows, cabinets, floor and stairs. Our courteous sales and service staff are readily available with recommendations, ensuring you receive the best selections for your development.

We offer a wide selection of high performance engineered composites to meet your most stringent material performance requirements. Our lightweight insulation/ laminates provide excellent electrical insulation properties and high mechanical strength. They are resistant to corrosion, heat, flame, smoke, toxins, abrasion and impact resistant.

Paisley Products carries a number of different safety products such as safety glasses, respirators, safety tapes, and protective apparels. We are here to help you and your business minimize injuries and maintain a more protective and productive workplace.


Paisley Products of Canada offer laminates for the cargo pit, FAR 25.853 (A) flame retardant tapes and adhesives for numerous applications on the aircraft. Silicone sealants, greases and protective coatings are offered to protect against oil, jet blast and provide jet fuel resistance.

Precision and reliability are crucial in the manufacturing of aircrafts and their parts. Leading manufacturers rely on PVA for accurate dispensing of lubricants, solvents, sealants, adhesives and pastes. If you need assistance in applying adhesives and coatings to aircraft parts, we will be pleased to assist you.

Car and truck manufacturing in North America consumes 100 million pounds of adhesive every year. Using proven specified adhesives (epoxies, hot melts, instant adhesives, thermosetting and double-coated and pressure sensitive transfer tape), our sales engineers will assist you in solving gap fills, vibration, interior bonding applications, and lamp assembly.

We here at Paisley Products of Canada can help you choose the appropriate valve and dispensing system to improve performance, reduce cost and ensure that all projects generate valuable and optimized end-results.

At Paisley Protectives we are dedicated to providing the best options for protecting surfaces for projects big or small. Xmark products are designed to protect surfaces and remove easily without leaving a trace. Many options are reusable, 100% recyclable and contribute to LEED credits.

Our interior protections are utilized on counter tops, tubs, walls, windows, cabinetry, floor and stairs. We have products that protect marble, factory and site finished hard woods, ceramic, porcelain, granite, glass, metals and many other substrates found in the construction industry.

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Paisley Products delivers a wide array of adhesive and sealant application systems utilized within the Electrical and Electronics assembly market. Our comprehensive product line of conformal coatings, electrical insulating materials, composites, silicone gels, encapsulants, sleeving, solder and varnishes provide your company with high-quality material solutions and product compatibility requirements.

Paisley solutions offer the intricate, thin-line dispensing needed for increase miniaturized personal communication devices as well as foam-in-place gasketing for larger consumer electronics. The precise control of Paisley’s systems increases productivity and the quality of electronic assembly, gasketing, molding, encapsulating and shielding applications. We convert materials at our facilities and we would be happy to assist you.

Paisley equips manufacturers of industrial components, heavy equipment, building products, paper and packaging with diverse products and services from adhesives to lubricants, tapes, sealants, UV equipment and specialty chemicals specific to your project needs and applications.

Paisley’s wide range of adhesive, coating and sealant dispensing systems help building and construction manufacturers efficiently produce durable, high-quality products.

Our line of products help promote adhesion, accelerate adhesive and sealant cure or assist in the removal of adhesives, sealants and unwanted surface contaminants. We have experience across multiple construction end-markets—including residential, non-residential and public sector/infrastructure.