Paisley Products supplies the aerospace, automotive, rail, public transit and marine industries with materials such as electrical insulation, composites and vibration resistant adhesives that aid in the production of safe, attractive and durable modes of transportation. Our Customer Service team can assist you in choosing from our line of valves, dispensing systems, lubricants and coatings so you can improve performance, reduce cost and find the product best suited for your unique project.


Acrylics for air bag devices
Acrylics for vibration dampening
Adhesion promoter
Adhesives for carpet attachment
Adhesives for instrument panels
Contact adhesives for interiors
Corrosion protection

Instant adhesives for assembly
Encapsulants for auto electronics
Hot melt adhesives
Two-part epoxies for
clip attachments


Acrylic foam tapes for trim
Aftermarket tapes
Colour-coded tapes
Double-sided differential adhesive tapes
Electrical tapes
Filament tapes
Flame retardant tapes
Foil tapes
Gasket sealing
Heat shrink tubing
High performance labels

High-temperature tapes
Masking tapes – automotive
Side mirror bonding
Sound dampening tapes
Surface protection films
Tape applicators
Tape dispensers
Tapes for bus, truck and trailer
Transfer tapes
Vibration dampening tapes
Wire harness tapes