Paisley Products supplies the aerospace, automotive, rail, public transit and marine industries with materials such as electrical insulation, composites and vibration resistant adhesives that aid in the production of safe, attractive and durable modes of transportation. Our Customer Service team can assist you in choosing from our line of valves, dispensing systems, lubricants and coatings so you can improve performance, reduce cost and find the product best suited for your unique project.


Activators for adhesives
Aerosol adhesives
Bearing grease
Electronic adhesive applications
Epoxies for aerospace
Epoxy inks for part marking
Epoxy paste – resist vibration
Instant adhesives
Lubricants for aerospace
Molykote® greases and lubricants
Silicone for fuel cells
Solder paste
Threadlockers – Letter grade
Threadlockers Mil-spec
Valve lubricant


Cargo pit liner tapes
Damping tapes for fuselage
Flame retardant tape (F.A.R)
Foil tapes for masking
Labels (mil and spec 2000)
Lightweight tapes
Masking tapes – plasma spray
Polyester tape
PTFE (Teflon®) tapes for harnesses
Shielding tapes (EMI/RFI)
Tool / adhesive flash masking tapes


Cargo Liner
Carpet tape
Guide line tape
Lav barrier tape and galley
Phenolic sheet & rod
Riveter’s tape


Expandable sleeving
Shrink tubing – Mil spec
Shrink tubing – Teflon / Polyimide
Shrink tubing – Vespel
Tubing and sleeving